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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Joy Reid Checks A Washington Examiner Talking Head Deflection Expert

Image result for GOP deflectionWe often publish with use of the word "Presstitute" If you want to see and hear a prime example of the species, read and view further.  

Joy Ann Reid's AM Joy, MSNBC, started the show with a pale of all Republicans. We will report on her "A" Block segment in a bit.  For now, know the segment related to Trump's dwindling poll numbers. The following segment exposes of prime example in the form of Jen Kerns, Washington Examiner, and frequent Fox News guest.

If the nation existed void of media offered by some MSNBC hosts, imagine the mind shaping influence of people such as Joy Ann Reid's conservative guest. She and her ilk are all about the lie, deflection and protecting their dissolving president.

Short version.

A bit more. You could fall victim to demagogues from the first seconds of the following segment.
You are clearly the target of an administration and conservative movement so inept, it resorts to daily lies as integral to a deflection strategy.

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