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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rightwing Presstitutes And Demagogues Using "Clinton Administration"

Are we seeing GOP Strategy?

After Hillary Clinton criticized Fox News a few days ago, Sean Hannity decided to feed his sycophant viewers a demagogue laced diatribe.  The Fox News propagandist revealed a Freudian slip comparable to none other.  He referred to Clinton as President Clinton.  

It takes a dunce.

You shouldn't think Hannity was a one-offer. watch and listen As Trumpite Corey Lewandoski goes "Clinton  Administration"  while his Fox News facilitators grin and giggle to cover their embarrassment.
“...we should be focusing on the continued lies of the Clinton administration.”
An we find another GOP talking head and former BUSH DUBYA Presstitute, Ari Fleischer doing what he does best. He runs his mouth while spewing pure demagoguery and receives large paychecks to do so. Watch the following video from the 1:25 minute mark. 
 “So we do know that the Clinton administration paid a foreign operative to get information from the Kremlin on Donald Trump. That is using the Kremlin to get dirt on your opponent.”
Link: Read Here 

Right Wing media and its presstitute cousins are losing their minds. They spew so much rhetoric, they find it impossible to stifle their Freudian Slips. One slip, OK write-it-off to on-camera nervousness. Two such cases, well suspicious. But, three cases almost leaves me with the thought of a subliminal strategy.

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