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Friday, October 6, 2017

September Job Numbers

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Did you fall for his?
According to MSNBC's Steve Benen, American Presidents receive a preliminary peep at moth to month job numbers just before the numbers are published n the first Friday of each month. It seems the nation's 45th President received that peep on yesterday and responded in typical Trump manner. He attempted to get out ahead of the poor jobs report by posting a tweet about the US stock market performance.
Positive spins aren't  the sole domain of Trump. All and every president did or would do same. In fairness, the US stock market is continuing its stellar performance.

The numbers, however, mark the end of consecutive months of jobs growth attributable to the Obama administration; 72 consecutive months of Jobs growth between late 2010 and 2016. Since the Trump administration hasn't initiated any economic policy measures, the Obama should receive due credit for handing over an economy which continues to boom. Well, boom" until September 2017.

The following chart is an excerpt from the Rachel Maddow Blog (link)  and complied from Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly Jobs data. We should also point out the unemployment rate lowered to 4.2 percent.

Democrat Party consultant also tweeted regarding the September Jobs Numbers. Boykin post points related to Trump's first major monthly jobs flop, and the inevitable comparison to Obama's jobs performance. One other factor, Boykin is thoughtful enough to also make the point that Obama also administered an economy through a national crisis, including Hurricane Sandy.

Keith Boykin‏
@keithboykin 4h

US job growth in the first 9 months of:

2011: 1.53m 
2012: 1.62m 
2013: 1.79m
2017: 1.33m
2014: 2.20m 
2015: 1.88m 
2016: 1.79m

Neither Benen nor Boykin can accurate address the "whys" of the job losses. However, Benen makes a fair cases that despite viewing the data from various perspectives the job losses fell well short of expectations.

The Trump tweet regarding continued significant stock market growth  doesn't adequately masked the reality of what could be a real danger sign for the US economy.

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