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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Papadopoulos The Coffee Boy"

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What would cause an 84-year-old member of Congress (the Senate) to run like a child caught stealing cotton candy at a carnival? How can we pay members of governing bodies as we do when information contrary to their politics induces running for safe ground?

Check Grassley, R-IOWA, long-term US Senator and Chair of a key Senate INTEL Committee, ran from reporters question about Russian meddling in US politics. If you watch the upcoming GIF, you get the full-measure of why I often refer to the GOP as a cabal of Keystone Cops. Watch the US Flags shaking and waving and almost falling from the inertia of one politically chicken-hearted 84-year-old.

By now, and after, yesterday's news release on Trump administration indictments and a critical guilty plea, you know why Grassley took to the wind.

Let's roll into increasing evidence of Trump and his campaigns collusion with Russian operatives. The youngest guy in that image of a Trump National Security meeting has turned into a singing bird related to possible collusion.  

Was there a "coffee boy" at a National Security meeting?

Last night CNN frequently ran timelines which literally shape a picture which I am certain Special Counsel Mueller views every day.

Here is one segment.
Of course, the administration is floating all sorts of denials of the singing Republican. As we watch the squirming and deflection (of course icing with out-right lying), it is important to consider a neat brief clip from CNN. Lying is lying no matter the color, shape or focus of the lie.
Here is an example from a 5:30AM Trump Tweet. Tweeting at 5:30AM indicates someone did not sleep well on Monday Night and I suspect it wasn't base don his chagrin with the loser of the Monday Night Football game.

The guilty always sweat more profusely.

During required, campaign meetings with major newspaper editorial boards, Trump spent time in 2016 with the Washington Post Editorial Board. One question among many stood out regarding Trump's current anti-Papadopoulosstrategy. "...he is an excellent guy...?"

As of yesterday's revelation, the 2009 college graduate has come to be referred to as a "coffee boy."  COFFEE BOY?

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‪Trump’s “Low level coffee boy” was meeting foreign ministers as a “Trump advisor”. Here with Greek Defense Minister. 

If you listened to the video of Trump& working to impress the Washington Post Editorial board via flashing around certain Ph.D. holders as members of this foreign policy team, you also heard the name, Carter Page.  Page again showed up on the MSNBC ALL-IN With Chris Hayes show and again deployed his now famous: "Maybe" or " I might have" squawking.  
"It may have come up from time to time" - Carter Page on whether he was on any email chains about Russia with George Papadopoulos #inners— All In w/Chris Hayes (@allinwithchris) October 31, 2017
Mr. President...we have a problem!

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