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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Swamp! Quicksand, The Trump Administration

The Swamp!


"Trump: Opioid crisis is national emergency", September 2, 2017. Trump nominated Congressman Tom Marino, R-PA 10th District as his drug czar.

After one and one-half months of allowing more Trump "swamp" to ooze around a potential cabinet nomination, CBS News and The Washington Post ran this 27-minute segment (this past Sunday). 

A segment related to the extent to which Congress via a bill introduced by Marino, led to a full Senate consent and President Obama signature. During a period of an out-of-control opioid epidemic, the bill effectively weakened DEA's control substance distribution enforcement. It can be stated the bill allow our corner pharmacies to become a form of legal opioid drug dispenser.

The report found that Congress helped disarm the Drug Enforcement Administration during the height of the crisis. Marino, R-Pennsylvania, was the chief advocate for the 2016 bill at the center of the investigation.
The bill weakened the DEA's control over opioid drug distributors.

Failure to Disclose

Who Funds Trump and Bannon's Social Regression (AKA Racism et al)

Esquire published a piece which lays bare one of Trump and Bannon's major money men (and wife). The piece is about the Mercer family and its anti-civil rights support form an administration which certainly seems to share the regressive social sentiment. Link.

Democrats seem to have adopted a talking point phrase which indicates Trump's fall prophecy regard DC as "the swamp."  I now hear DC and all things Trump referred to as "quicksand." 

An apropos characterization with one problem.  We all go down Trump's "quicksand."

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