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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Rise and Proliferation Of US Web Page Nazism Circa "45"

Trumpism has man fissures. 

Trump's mark in the US and the ideology twist he has imbued in American conservatism is irrefutable. From working to return the US to a state of pre-1950s white male domination, through in-our-face reversal of social programs and initiatives which offer the prospect of a free and equal nation to utter disregard from the devastation left on predominate non-white US protectorates with frequent stops which seem to return child-bearing age women to "barefoot" kitchen.

There is one fissure with social implications which continue to fester among some white Americans: An affinity for Nazism. Despite a history which ranks Nazism among humankind's most horrific scourge, the ideology seems to have a foothold in far too many Americans. 

January 2017, The Irregular News's Jim Cook

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, the already high levels of fascist support for the President-Elect have grown steadily stronger. One simple metric of fascist support for Trump is the number of pages at the Neo-Nazi, white supremacist website that use the phrase “Support Trump” in their writings. This number has steadily crept higher as the Trump inauguration draws near, reaching 880 “Support Trump” web pages on the site as of January 5, 2017:  
Chart: Rise in the number of web pages with Support Trump message on Stormfront Neo Nazi website, through January 5 2017

Bill Myers and Company, as well as at least one MSNBC news show ran the following video (or parts thereof) over the past week.

The video is a stark reminder of the power of Nazism and its seemingly undeniable roots in the United States.

As you watch the video think about this:

Image result for nazis today  Image result for nazis in charlottesville

Image result for nazis today   Related image

Image result for nazis in charlottesville  Related image  Image result for nazis in charlottesville

Seven minutes of "A Night At The Garden"

Is there any wonder Trump's supporters include such vile people if that support group also includes these people.

Here's another one.  Wasn't it Hillary Clinton who first coined the mantra of "deplorables?" 

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Reality is simply truth.

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