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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trump-O-Nomics (Fools Gold; Windfall For The Wealthy)

Trump-O-Nomics ......Reaganomics for the absolute ignorant 

Watch 37 seconds of Donald Trump's interview with softball interview impresario Sean Hannity.

Now spend a few minutes with an intellectual gifted financial mind who works as a show host on MSNBC. Ali Velshi dissects Trump's lie with the skill of a master craftsman.

Well, only one question remains. Are you one of the 32% of potential voters who cling to hope Trump is a credible and viable US President? 

Honesty is a key trait in any leadership position. It is without question a top line requirement in the Oval Office. 

This past June the New York Times set precedent with a direct affront to Trump's pathological lying via a well researched and crafted piece:   President Trump's Lies, the Definitive List - The New York Times.

The lie is a core component of the Trump tax plan. Whether you support Trump or do to support Trump, your Congressional representative will soon have the unenviable task of shaping Trumponomics into law. They will approach their work for to very basic lie platforms.

September 2017 (Quartz dot com)

White House tax debate has started with two outright—no other word for it—lies: wealthy don’t get a tax cut and cuts will pay for themselves
 Trumponomics is nothing more than Reaganomics on steroids.  

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