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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trump's 23,000 Record Dow (A Trump Facade)

Yes, you and I knew it would eventually ooze out of Trump's mouth. He takes credit for the Dow Jones (DIJA) milestone of 23,000. He takes the credit without any references to the nation saving efforts of the Obama Administration while possible celebration the fact the markets have not tanked since he took office.

Take a look at a tweet from Trump, fired off this afternoon.
Now take a look at Trump's tweet without the skillful work of one of his staff.  Lest we forget the Dow as President Obama took office in 2009. Within months of taking office and after passage of the Stimulus bill, the Dow has reflect consistent growth towards a series of "firsts" under Obama.

If you desire a more descriptive look and reference to the Stimulus before we dissect Trump's tweet:

Image result for obama economy and the stimulus

We should be very careful of Trump mind shapers

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