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Monday, October 30, 2017

"White Lives Matter?" Kill It Before It Grows

When we start a piece with a video, rest assured the video has lead section information worthy of setting the stage what comes after.

MSNBC's, Joy Ann Reid-AM JOY, hosted a stellar show this past Saturday. While the show focused primarily on issues related to Trump's crumbling administration, the following segment related to white supremacy may have stolen the show (sort of speak).  If you continue to hold views the GOP is a political party and movement void of an inner core of racism and bigotry, your world is also starting to crumble.  

If allowed, information kills ignorance.

Before we turn this piece over to a Crooks & Liars article, allow another key insertion. 


"White Lives Matter" Is nothing more than pure unadulterated white supremacy. If we are not seeing white people stopped via profiling with all too often physical violence from cops, that surreptitious movement is a dangerous cover. If you can only find isolated cases of cops quick-killing of black people while wanton racist like Trump's Sebastian Gorka railing about black on black crime, we must recognize the early stages of totalitarianism with fissures of white supremacy.  Yes, we have seen this before.

Crooks & Liars

Outnumbered By Anti-Racist Protesters, Nazis In Murfreesboro Forced To Cancel Hate-Rally (VIDEO)

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