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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Consummate "Swamp Thing" Manafort

Donald Trump comparing and feed American voters a new political mantra and entry into our lexicons: drain the swamp. While 2.84 million more voters cast ballots for Hillary Clinton, election night was awarded to Trump. Those Clinton voters saw through Trump's carnival barking;  others failed to do so.

Do you remember this? "Drain The Swamp."

The nation elected a literal Chief Shepherd of "the Swamp." In addition, to scandal after scandal among members of his administration, we are now reaching parts of the swamp which more closely resembles "the Quicksand."

The latest swamp creature to come forth has been brought forth due to his alleged criminal background and support for totalitarian despots.  There was a time when it seemed Paul Manafort was a hired gun (metaphorically) for former Soviet Bloc countries, but it seems he has also performed "consulting for the current President of the Philippines. (See video below)

The US legal system has caught up with what was a facilitator of Trump's election and a major international "operator." 

18 U.S.C. § 371—Conspiracy to Defraud the United States ...

Regardless of your social need to hand Trump the US presidency, it is impossible to avoid the reality of crooks hang out with crooks.  They do not perpetuate their illegal and despicable acts or services while hanging out with church bishops, deacons, and the church choir.
The mystical and very (allegedly) corrupt Paul Manafort (video will open in a separate tab). The Monday morning indictments also include a longstanding Manafort operator, Rick Gates.  But, take a read of a few items Manafort is reported to have been involved in over the past few years.00:27 / 01:25
Because both men appeared to be globe-trotting multi-millionaires and faced charges for serious crimes related to their work abroad, the government said they should be held under house arrest. A judge agreed Monday.

A new court filing Tuesday showed exactly what Manafort and Gates told banks and investigators about their net worths and travel histories over the past few years.

Among the highlights:

* Manafort currently has three US passports, each under a different number. He has submitted 10 passport applications in roughly as many years, prosecutors said.

* This year, Manafort traveled to Mexico, China and Ecuador with a phone and email account registered under a fake name. (The name was not disclosed in the filings.)

* Over the past year, Manafort traveled to Dubai, Cancun, Panama City, Havana, Shanghai, Madrid, Tokyo and Grand Cayman Island.

* Both Manafort and Gates were frequent travelers to Cyprus. "Extensive travel of this nature further evidences a risk of flight," the prosecutor's filing said.

* Manafort wrote on loan applications and other financial documents that his assets were worth between $19 million in April 2012 and $136 million in May 2016.

* In some months, like while he served as Trump's national campaign chairman in August 2016, Manafort's assessment of his total worth fluctuated. In August 2016 he said his assets were worth $28 million, then wrote he had $63 million in assets on a different application.

* Gates "frequently changed banks and opened and closed bank accounts," prosecutors said. In all, Gates opened 55 accounts with 13 financial institutions, the prosecutors' court filing said. Some of his bank accounts were in England and Cyprus, where he held more than $10 million from 2010 to 2013.
We will continue to write about Trumps Swamp Things as they are uncovered.

Paul Manafort and his henchman Gates are classic Swamp Things, who worked for a bringer of Swamp Things.

Image result for swamp thing

How could anyone who aspired to the US President have so completely surrounded himself with swamp critters? A very incompetent transition team? Influence for Putin's operatives? Or, birds of a feather really do flock together?

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