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Monday, November 27, 2017

CNN Also Booked Breitbart Propagandist and Rightwing Silly Talker

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As we experience the reality of an alleged child molester close to winning an election tt he US Senate, America's political/social Right is charged up for the defense.

Charged up and as effective as Auburn's offensive line front-four, as solid as the old west wagon train circled to fend off an attack, and the Roy Moore defenders are as intellectually diminutive as a nocturnal snail slugs.

Watch the following ever-increasingly popular (MSNBC's Ali Velshi's too frequent guest) and now CNN, talking-head Breitbart editor: Joel Pollack.

Watch and listen to 30 seconds of Rightwing media insanity.

If you need a more in-depth perspective of Rightwing Bannon and Mercer media, the following is a seven-minute segment with Pollack and his MSNBC host facilitator Ali Velshi.

If we can twist our minds to the possibility US media has a dual role, it isn't a surprise MSNBC and CNN books such a feeble demagogue. The roles are clear: Inform between entertaining viewers who are the basis for advertisement revenue.

While Fox News is the ultimate purveyor of Rightwing ideology and mind-altering propaganda, we must not overlook the shortcomings of cable news media we tend to prefer.  

When Trump attacks media (other than FoxNews) and people like Pollack make a mockery of the venue while defending an alleged pedophile, the nation suffers greatly.
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"Other than Fox News?"  Did someone coin a phrase: Fake news?

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