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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Keystone Pipeline Spills 210,000 Gallons Of Oil Derivatives

PHOTO: A Reuters map released in 2014 shows the proposed route of TransCanadas Keystone pipelines.

TransCanada Twitter feed

Have you wondered why millions across the land were flat-out against approval of the south Keystone Pipeline? Let's take it a step further. How about your thoughts on President Obama's refusal to approve the Southern leg of the KXL? 

November 6th, 2015: Obama's rejection of the southern leg of the KXL

As has proven to be the case on many issues regarding Trump post-Obama, reality strikes hard.  There are no environmentally safe pipelines.

Crooks & Liars

210,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Leaked By Keystone Pipeline In South Dakota

Protesters warned over and over again that a leak in the Keystone Pipeline could be disastrous, but when Trump was elected, he was determined to pay off his benefactors however he could (and kick Obama in the teeth too) so he reversed all of the orders Obama had signed to block the pipeline so they could…

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