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Monday, November 27, 2017

O'Keefe Project Veritas Busted

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“I am not doing an interview right now, so I’m not going to say a word,” James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas and convicted misdemeanor right wing "gotcha ya and fake video fiend.

The evasive declaration of a conservative operative when he and his organization seem busted for attempting to assist alleged child molester, Roy Moore. O'Keefe's specialty; deploy fake people in setup gotcha scenarios as an underground hitman. You may recall O'Keefe's troopers snared a CNN executive (producer) towards mid-2017. While the CNN producer deserved exposure for his boasting machismo, it is no surprise O'Keefe's troopers have never targeted Fox News.

It seems Project Veritas is busted for a failed attempted to "get dirty" on the Washington Post.  As you know the Post is the media outlet which dispatched reporters to Alabama for interviews and discussion regarding Moore's past predilection for dating and consorting with teenagers in his late twenties and early thirties.  

The following video shows a woman named Jaime Phillips interviewing a Washington Post reporter.

The Washington Post picks up the story. Linked here.

How about a few closing remarks to celebrate a virtual bust of O'Keefe and his null organization? Project Veritas seems amazingly similar to black ops organizations used by any and all dictators throughout modern world history. Another key point. Why does the Right need an undercover operative to assist or validate attacks on the media? Also, how does O'Keefe bill or invoice for his services?

In all cases with all considerations, it is interesting and telling to see someone with a conservative vested interest seek to stick it to the Washington Post. The Post did to places the words in the mouth of that woman who descriptively spoke about Roy Moore "tight white underwear episode."

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