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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Propaganda Is Ugly And Dangerous (James O'Keefe's Failed "Gotcha")

Image result for jamie phillips Project Veritas 

Image result for jamie phillips Project Veritas

The video is a bit long yet telling related to the extent that uber wealthy conservatives back Project Veritas and its highly fraudulent owner: James O'Keefe.

Talking Points Memo has published a detailed review of O'Keefe's efforts to entrap the Washington Post for its role in revealing the Roy Moore sex scandal.  What better an opportunity for fake and highly edited video for public viewing mere days before Roy Moore's campaign ends in either defeat or a victory. 

Yes a perfect opportunity to feed Fox News viewers and conservative media with more lies and propaganda to help elect a person who was once barred from malls and the YWCA.

Jaime Phillips attempts to work The Washington Post only to be caught by a much ore skilled and professional team of reporters. Note what appears as French fires on the table with the hidden camera. 

It turns out the surreptitious effort to perform a gotcha against the Post was very elaborate and even involved an apartment rental. The linked TPM piece is both short and utterly revealing. TPM linked, here.

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