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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Evaporating Supporters

Image result for the trump supporter Image result for the trump supporter

Image result for the trump supporter Image result for the trump supporter

Yesterday we published a piece regarding Trump's first stop on his Asian tour. Within hours of the start of his visit with the Japanese Prime Minister, Trump (via his inept staff) stumbled into an utter embarrassing moment regarding Japan's auto production or lack thereof in the US. Well, Japan has produced automobiles in the US for 35 years via 24 manufacturing assembly plants. 

If you followed the link above, you have been reminded of Japan's automobile presence in the US while being reminded of Trump's failed clutch of reality. The latter is a dangerous state of being and probably leads to his diminishing pool ratings (from various pools).

Watch his remarks. (Remember you have been given a 45 "embarrassment alert".)

Now for a bit of his most recent polling. It is important to keep in mind with numbers as you are about to read one has to recognize his support base seems to be fraying.

CNN's John King dissects the latest CNN poll results.

The Washington Post/ABC poll October 29 through November offers readers another dip in Trump's approval ratings. His ratings have dipped to a seven-decade low for presidents at this point in their administrations.

Full survey details liked here.

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The Washington Post - ABC News poll

Earlier today the NBC/WSJ Poll indicates among "Three Trump Counties" Trump's support erosion is equivalent to a quick moving mudslide. Here is an excerpt from the NBC//WSJ poll.

Despite the aforementioned erosion, Trump continues to exist and thrive in a self-anointed unreal world which is probably perpetuated by those he relies on for advice as well as various stooges who you have to know occupy the White House. After the kerfuffle of John Kelly's attack on a Congresswoman with utter lies due to his failed advice to Trump, any doubt Trump's highest level team is laced with stooges should be erased. 

Let's close with another example of a failure to grasp reality and an accompanying show of incompetence via his handlers. Trump's campaign tweet on behalf of a GOP candidate in Virginia.

Trump is the embodiment of Ignominious.

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