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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trump Carnival Barker (And Flip-Floper In Chief)

"Believe Me"

 "Trump promised to call China a currency manipulator.... China is "robbing us blind" Trump Circa 2016.

As we tick-off on Trump's innumerable flip-flops from his 2016 campaign, his latest sudden change takes on serious considerations. Palhyong footsie with China effective relagat tehe US to a nascent no world leader.

Anyone who hasn't succumbed to chronic Trumpism knows Donald Trump is a pathological (serial) Liar.  His first thought is to lie, misled, manipulate or distort. In simple terms, do not believe a word he utters, unless you hear the words a few days (or weeks) after his initial utterance.

As so adroitly stated by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell in a The Last Word "Believe me" segment, Trump isn't to be believed.

Donald Trump 2017, suckling-up to the President of China.

No matter the strategy, no matter the ends that may follow those means, no one likes a Carnival barker and people like flip-flopers even less.

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