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Monday, November 6, 2017

Trump Exhorts Japan To Build Automobiles In America ( They Have For 35 Years)

During a recent visit with the Japanese Prime Minister, Trump said (regarding trade) the Japanese should build automobiles in the US ... "instead of shipping them over."

As we approached the 2016 General Elections, I and probably you saw and heard this from then President Obama (53 seconds).

If Obama's remarks were too far back for you or if you do not feel Obama was a credible critic (even after eight years in the Oval Office, how about an even more poignant remark form a leading US Senator.

Bob Corker, R-TN.

So, you don't care for politicians and their views. How about the fact a recent  Quinnipiac University poll 56 percent, believe that President Trump is not "fit to serve as president." 

Why did I open with Trump;s remarks during hisvfirstv;visit to an internationalvleader while on this specific trip overseas?  The answer evolves form the words incompetent, unfit, inept, and other related states of ill-prepared for reality.

Of course, it is important to define words that seem to delineate Trump.

    1. in·com·pe·tence
      1. inability to do something successfully; ineptitude.

        "allegations of professional incompetence"

        synonyms:ineptitude, ineptness, inability, lack of ability, lack of skill, lack of proficiency; 
      1. having or showing no skill; clumsy.

        "the inept handling of the threat"


      1. having or showing a lack of experience, skill, or knowledge.

        "an inexpert transcription from the real music"

        1. 1.
          meet a particular purpose.

          "the land is unfit for food crops"

          inappropriateunequippedinadequate, not designed;

        2. 2.
          (of a person) not in good physical condition, typically as a result of 
          synonyms:unhealthy, out of shape, in poor condition/shape
          "unfit and overweight children"
        3. failure to exercise regularly.

        1. 1.
          make (something or someone) unsuitable; disqualify.

    The words incompetence is clear and easy to affix to Trump. Why then, I have sought additional adjectives for our national embarrassment?  Trump is literally braggadocios about his skill as a "businessman."  Competent business people surround themselves with support staff and mgmt. teams who at various points offer skills which pace the  words inept and inexpert off the grid.   Trump has a White House full of all three words defined above. 

    Trump doesn't have the mental nor physical wherewithal to construct a speech, nor skill sand sensibilities to interact with world leaders. His suggestion for Japan to build automobiles in the US instead of "shipping them over", is clear evidence of administration incompetence. How could the nation;s 45th President issue such a statement in 2017? Someone on his staff could have enacted a basic Google search regarding Japan's manufacturing investment in the US. I found the following graphics and links within two minutes of reading Trumps twilight zone comment.

    Japan Automobile Manufacturing Association


    Over the past 35 years of manufacturing and R&D in America, JAMA members have changed the face of U.S. auto manufacturing, and they continue to push the boundaries of engineering and design. Manriquez commented, “The recent announcements by a number of our members regarding manufacturing plant expansions, new production efforts and more R&D investments in the U.S., demonstrate our strong continued commitment to the American workforce and the future vitality of the auto industry in America.” 
    Below are key data points from the report:

    JAMA 2016 Production Chart


    Subaru of America is shuffling lines and expanding its U.S. plant to build the upcoming Ascent three-row crossover.
    Ascent production will begin in the second quarter of 2018, said Tom Easterday, Subaru of Indiana Automotive’s senior executive vice president. To prepare for the Ascent, Subaru is spending about $100 million and will hire about 200 workers, bringing the Lafayette, Ind., plant to 5,800 employees.

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