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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trump Ordered CIA Director On A Land Of Oz Mission

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We have watched the stumbling idiocy of Donald Trump as the Chief Occupier of the Oval Office for over nine months. Despite mounting indications someone in his campaign or members of his campaign actively colluded with Russian international operatives, Trump continues to soak up wild conspiracy stories from over-the-top purveyors of far-right garbage. One would think a rational person who has offered ridiculous claims for investigators in Hawaii seeking Obama's birth certificate through Obama wire-tapping his Trump Tower phones, to more recent outright lies (increased bombing of ISIS) would back-off the tie and money wasting adventures. 

Trumps latest foray into the Land of OZ conspiracies ordered Mike Pompeo director of the CIA (repeat Director of the CIA) to speak with a whacked-out conspiracy-mongerer with a wild and crazy story the DNC (not RNC) self-hacked its 2016 elections systems. Yes, the operative words are: "self-hacked rouse."

Over the past few days, a couple of noteworthy video segments have brought the mission focused CIA (conspiracy hunter) director's stooge mission to full exposure.  Each segment is based on detailed reporting from the Intercept website.

Last night's The Rachel Maddow video offers a quick detailing of the Director's internationally embarrassing mission.

We are seeing the US Presidency taken to the level of a cheap reality TV production...without laugh tracks. 

Why would Trump so consume himself with so many efforts to deflect from Russian interference in US elections?

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