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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trump Surrogate Pastor Back On TV (VIDEO)

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Take a few minutes sometime today and view the video embeds in this piece.  

During a time when Alabama politician is about to contest for a seat in the US Senate while carrying the ugly baggage of allegations of sexual abuse of young women 40 years ago, we have robotic probably paid rationalizer oozing acorss cable TV shows. The MSNBC guest is a known Trump supporter and we question why MSNBC producers choice to  program Mark Burns for comment on the Moore allegations. Allegations which increased over night by four additional women. While blame should go to the producer who would booked the rationalizer Burns, nonetheless he appeared on MSNBC within the hour. The rationalizer is a so-called evangelical pastor who happens to the black defending Roy Moore's candidacy while a Moore attorney recently appeared on MSNBC offering-up over the top racism

The pastor at hand has a history of an active roll in the Trump 2016 campaign until he was uncovered for a history of a false background regarding his claims of personal levels of education.

CNN interview (2016)

Integrity is everything. Or it once was a vital character trait in a nation which once held itself as the pillar of all things good acorss the globe. Since 2015 and Trump's announcement to run for the GOP nomination it seems the nation is slipping into a darkness only common in deep crevasses.

Of course, we must assume Burn's violation of a Ten Commandment (bearing false witness) was forgiven by God?

Burns this morning.

Evangelical pastors stand by Roy Moore amid harassment...

Pastor Mark Burns urges caution against judging Roy Moore based on the nine allegations of sexual misconduct. Burns explains why evangelical leaders are standing by the Senate candidate despite the allegations. 

US conservative acceptance a enabling of Trumpism is a growing cancer in the United States.

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