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Thursday, November 16, 2017

WIKI Leaks And Totalitarianism

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Image result for hitler the lieMike Pence (and his "I am astonished you would think that look", ) has worn out as Trump campaign interaction with WIKI LEAKS has come to light.  It has become obvious and validated. Trump's team must have gone into the campaign with a litmus test which included an ability to offer extreme lies in a manner which would please even Santa Clause. 

Is this where it all leads? Trump as dictator of the US. If you haven't noticed Trumpian authoritarianism since this past January you have to be a Trump supporter.   Last night, Ari Melber interviewed a guest who offered a compelling case Trump would serve as a dictator if not placed in check. Earlier in the day Brian Klaas’s released his new book "The Despot's Apprentice: Donald Trump's Attack on Democracy.

Klasse mentioned suppression of the press.

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