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Friday, December 15, 2017

America, "We Have A Problem" (From The Inept to Living The Lie)

How far will we allow Donald Trump to drive us down a path to total ruin? 

Watch as MSNBC's Chris Hayes points out the level of communications ineptitude inherent in all things Trump.  Teleprompter Training? Or, Basic Remedial Reading? 

As US Presidents go, this is turning into a four-ring circus. Trump passed the point of a three ringer circus within weeks of his inauguration. From the tiptop hat of the circus ringmaster...... the unbelievable.
Where does this end? With Trump, there is no end. He is consumed with narcissistic self-indulgence and he is filled to the brim with first thought tendencies to lie.

Earlier today Trump left the White House to give a speech at the FBI Academy. As he traversed the path from the White House to the Presidential helicopter he offered customary remarks to the media. Remarks laced with misinformation, embellishments and outright lies.

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