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Friday, December 1, 2017

Flynn To Plead Guilty? (VIDEO)

Do you recall the following during the 2016 campaign?

RNC Trump campaign event longer version.  I assert this man was working for the Russians and had literally reached the pinnacle of administration positions before it all fell apart (after 24 days). Recall former President Obama advised trump to not appoint Flynn to a key position of National Security Adviser during their first transition meeting. Also, recall Trump fired the then acting Director of the Justice Department after she met with him about Flynn (shortly after taking office in January of this year). 

Now this: (linked The Daily Beat)

Michael Flynn Charged With Lying to FBI

Expected to plead guilty in a sign of a possible plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller's office.

A bit more from The Raw Story.

Image result for flynn putin dinner

Trump is crumbling into a sea of Russian caviar.

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