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Monday, December 4, 2017

GOP Senator Ejects Stage 4 Cancer Patient From Town Hall

Just Die!!!

Watch the Gestapo action of forcing a woman to leave a town hall meeting. 
Watch Heller's goons extract protesters.
Imagine your job is solely to remove Americans citizens who voice dissenting remarks. Imagine having a job in which you wore sunglasses and all dark clothing with the intent of hiding from public scrutiny.  Also, imagine being paid by citizens as a cop and being escorted out of the town hall by the cop.  This so reminds of Hitler's brown shirts.

They also threw out an elderly woman with a broken arm. What are you doing ?! This is a really bad look.
Crooks & Liars

Dean Heller Ejects Stage 4 Cancer Patient From Town Hall After She Asks About Health Care

Republican Senator, Dean Heller, sunk to an even more depraved and despicable level at a town hall this weekend in Nevada. We know that Republican's have been dodging their constituents for months now, both in DC and in their home states. But Heller really takes the cake for horrific and gestapo type behavior. Here's what happened:…

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