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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kleptocracy, Plutocracy And GOP Dismantling Democracy

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  • a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves.
  1. government by the wealthy.
    • a country or society governed by the wealthy.
      plural noun: plutocracies
    • an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.

    • In either case. or either definition, we do not find indications the administration you may very well have voted to elect is showing any vestiges of old-school American Democracy. 

    • Let's run through a few cases of Trumpism as potential fascism.

    • ‘The Art of the Deal,’ Tony Schwartz and MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid discuss growing indications Trump has ambitions which mirror those of Vladimir Putin prior to his dictatorship. Schwartz asserts Trump wants absolute power; quite probably Schwartz is dead on in his assessment of a president he knows very well.

      The following segment is seven and one half minutes long. but relevant to the second. While both Reid and Schwartz alternately opine throughout the segment, Schwartz's comments seem to embody and accurately depict that which we are seeing from Trump on a daily basis.

      How would Trump and his cabal instill a "police state?"

      A. Mind-altering dogma from the White House, the GOP and Fox News as well as a wealth of AM Radio demagogues, Sinclair Broadcasting and the newly charged-up Trump TV).
      GOP strategist for the McCain/Palin campaign commented about Fox News and its mission focused broadcast against the Special Counsel. 
      How about recent revelations of words prohibited from CDC use?  Why would the following words bother any rational leader?

      "Mind-altering dogma....."
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      Forty-Six minutes of INTEL expert Malcolm Nance and Trump's growing police state.
      From the same morning show, another security expert commented on Trumpism and its move towards the dark state.                                         
      The signs are obvious.  It seems the entirety of the GOP and many US conservatives are OK with Trump's desire to lead a plutocracy. 
      B. Congressional federal legislation
      C. Literal advancement of ideology and policy which supports police departments (regardless of clear evidence of far too many cases of police abuse) while taking to task the nation's most credible and effective enforcement body: the FBI. 
      Judicial nominees who have little too judicial experience: Politico (Talley and Maater). Talley's wife actually works in the White House; a fact which went undisclosed on a pre-nomination questionnaire.  (again the "lie" via omission).  At 36 years of age, he was also rated "not qualified by the American Bar Association. Do you see any problems with the Talley nomination? 
      Mateer seemed to be a Paleozoic Era regressive plant for the federal bench.  His record of utter bias and bigotry against LGBTQ Americans should have disqualified Mateer well before his name was placed in nomination. Yet, not so in the era of Trump. 
      Jump forward to this week's congressional hearings with five judicial nominees facing a congressional judicial committee. One of the five drew an inordinate level of questioning from a southern Republican member of Congress:

      While some have expressed sorrow and sadness regarding Petersen's congressional hearing, I do not share the sentiment. Once his nomination is withdrawn (and I assumed it will be withdrawn), we must assume we will see the reality of what was to be a functionary conservative judge sitting in a lifetime appointment with daily opportunity to guide his courtroom with consideration of Trumpism and the role he would pay in US conservatism from the bench.  

    • As time passes, we are seeing indications many who voted for Trump and his cabal are souring like a half ripe lemon. Actually, a better example for those who grew up in the deep South. Trumpism for some is souring like an unripe Persimmon. 

    Suffolk University poll

    A Suffolk University poll released this week suggests Trump’s once strong popularity among Fox News viewers like himself is plunging. While Trump plunges, according to Suffolk's December polling his base is truing of Fox News.

Suffolk posted a 58% favorable rating among Fox News viewers. Impressive, right? Well, consider past surveys showed Trump's support among Fox News viewers at 90 percent. The polling numbers hit the 90% level as recently as six months ago with a drop to 74% this past October. Now that is a problem and evidence of pure erosion among those who voted to put Trump in the White House. also published a piece with polling data indicating a not so rosy path for Trup and his GOP going forward.

Public sentiment is key. No one should forget how human beings can turn their backs on other human beings as well as the health of their nation.

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Leadership matters.

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