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Monday, December 11, 2017

Quick Hit: Manipulating Christmas And Anti-Liberalism (Merry Christmas As A Weapon)

Image result for hitler the lieSince the late 2990s, one cable News network has manipulated the psyches of millions among the nation's conservative community. Fox News commenced operations in 1996 and took little time in offering mind alternating alternatives to other news outlets. If you know anything about the human mind you have to know the best way to shape the mind is via infusions of information. People are easily led and manipulated (both positively and negatively) by absorption of information.

Fox News has set its mark at leading cable news with hardcore American conservatism laced with copious does of outright and intentional lies. One recurring piece of Fox News programming has been (and continues) its annual just after Halloween mind games regarding Christmas: "Liberals hate Christmas and political correctness has moved from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays.  Liberals don't say Merry Christmas."  Let that stand for a moment.

By now the nation knows Trump's early morning TV includes watching the mind-altering insanity of Fox News' Fox and Friends. Trump spends his early mornings with the insanity Twitters feeding of his supporter, probably drinks a few Diet Colas, and when the time arrives tunes into Fox and Friends. 

Before we move to the point of this piece, take another moment for a syllogism: 
Fox News lies about liberals and Christmas
("Happy Holidays" works for the holiday season 
post-Halloween trough New Year's Day, and works for Jewish Americans) 
All Fox News viewers hear the incessant Fall
drumbeat of "War on Christmas lies. 
Millions watch, listen and believe Fox News 
Trump watches Fox News 
Fox News viewers hear Trump and Fox 
Thus, millions who watch Fox believe Trumps "Liberals Hate Christmas" rhetoric.
Now watch as Trump manipulates his supporters.

Why did we develop this quick hit piece.

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