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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Roy Moore, Alabama Church And Blasphemy (VIDEO)

US conservatism is fizzling into an insane bucket of shameful disgust and nation-killing ideology.

Snopes will walk us through the latest example of what some consider evangelicalism.  

Did an Alabama Church Display a Sign Comparing Roy Moore to Jesus?

Living Way Ministries said its pastor did not approve of the sign, but at least two other churches were also caught using a blatantly political sign.

If you have a few additional minutes consider watching another example of Alabama conservative cesspool ideology regarding Roy Moore, an accused abuser of teenaged girls years in his past. The CNN segment which follows includes the booking of a Roy Moore spokesperson who emptied the "gutter cup" via accepting the appearance an appearing on camera with a mission to use the pregnancy of the CNN host as a prop. A prop with an inference that her unborn child should stand as a balance regarding the unborn (abortion) vs Moore's alleged abuse. You may know Moore and they are using potential Democrat Party support for abortion as leverage against Moore's documented prohibition from local malls and restrictions from hanging around a local YWCA (as a thirty-something).

Would the Moore demagogue protect the rights of unborn girls with total disregard for men who prey upon them as they grow to puberty?

A new accuser with evidence.

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