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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Roy Moore Drowns in Far Right Conservatism. (Alabama Exit Polls)...

.....and under the weight of abhorrence from the young voters in Alabama enough white women voters to make a difference and formidable black votes at 98% women for Doug Jones while black men voted 93% for Jones.  

Of course, there were other factors which stand as allegations and growing disenchantment with a president who seems far out of his zone of effectiveness (his family and his businesses).  Lest we forget another area of possible (maybe probable) comfort and acuity Interaction with Russian money brokers.

Trump first.

45 in Pensacola on behalf of Roy Moore.

A Moore talking head also finds himself stuck with a major case of mental constipation when faced with facts.

Watch as Trump's number two presstitute and number one Presser disses a question from a long term and very credible White House Press Corp reporter. While not related to Moore, the act of dissing the reporter speaks volumes about Trump and his cabal
Long Version

WH says Trump doesn't owe Sen. Gillibrand an apology and that Trump's tweet only suggestive 'if your mind is in the gutter'
Before we move to NBC's Alabama Exit Polling, take a look and listen to a clear example of GOP bigotry and racism mixed with overdoses of white privilege.
Well, the election is over and the high road prevailed. It was too close for comfort but as Trump indicated (with a small degree of snark) "a win is a win."

Let's take a look at exit polling from last nights earth shaking defeat (or win if you prefer) in Alabama.

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Black Votes Matter!

Of course, it took more than the black vote to secure the Doug Jones win. The young voter stepped-up, and enough non-black women stepped-up to carry the election.  

As you view the follow very short video, think about how effective Moore might have been if he had arrived and departed the polling place via a Roy Moore jet vs the prop horse.

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