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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Roy Moore "Spokesperson": Words For Hire Machine

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Evasive Denial

Time doesn't permit devotion of lots of time to conservative "presstitute" (words ad demagoguery for hire) operatives.  Yet, we will always seek to show them when possible and illustrate who they earn their keep.

Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore has apparently hired an over the top callous talking head who could probably give Trump's KellyAnne Conway a run for her "alternative facts." 

Watch Janet Moore with two CNN show hosts on consecutive days.  

While we realize viewing a set of video isn't a great way to spend your time, we also recognize the importance of watching and listening to people who say and do anything for a paycheck.

CNN segments (AC 360)

Cooper: I want to hear Moore's positions
Cooper: Moore took an oath to mislead?
Frankly, I don't find presstitutes like Moore any different than those employed by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels as they sought to mind-shape a nation in the mid-1920s: it worked now didn't it.

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