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Friday, December 15, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Only The Best People?

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Just weeks before the 2016 General Elections, Candidate trump was asked a question about pricing and hiring for his administration. His response: 
"I'll choose the best people for my administration."
A bit more.

We have posted two pieces today regarding Trump's utter disregard for the truth, lack of veracity and wanton lying. What you are about to witness was an example which came home to roost again this week.

Watch and listen.
When do we come to a point of recognizing federal leadership malfeasance?

If we consider a recent post from Nate Silvers 538 Blog, it appears many are recognizing Trump as a flimflam man, con artist and probably recognizing his serial lying. Linked. The following graphic has a month to month axis starting in February of this year. See link above for an interactive opportunity to view the chart.
There are actual old with results indicating a 32% (Pew Research)  and 35% ( Gallup) approval rating. 

Yes, we have a problem.

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