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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Receives What Seems Ordered Praise

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Watch and listen after Trump has Ben ( I lost my mind ) Carson deliver a brief open session pray.  Mike Pence has handed to floor to offer effusive and unrelenting praise (suckling) upon Donald Trump.  The minute is actually shameful and very much child-like.  Imagine a full grown man offering a thank you to Trump at least 12 times in the course of a two-minute suckling session.

Also notice how Trump received his (helping of) praise; Arms folded and as smug as any imagined videos of Nero, Adolf Hitler or for that matter, Saddam Hussein.  As you watch the brief video, think of how you can find any rational thought associated with believing this was yet another "please the base" praise session.

For the non-believers excuse the opening prayer.

The following Twitter comment is about as germane as they come Yes, Pence showed extreme lackeyism which seemed ordered by Trump.

Steve Schmidt from GOP strategist and campaign official for John McCain's failed run for the White House in 2008, simply nailed it.

The appalling sycophancy led by the Vice President at yesterday’s cabinet meeting is an affront to our Democratic norms. The President should not be venerated by his cabinet the way a pack of miscreant cronies would bow and scrape to an autocrat leading a banana republic.

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