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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trump: The Lying King

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.....tell incessant lies and it shows as pathology. 

Trump oftens declares himself the first ,the most, or the best.  Well, there is evidence he is correct; when it comes to lying.

He will certainly go down in US history as the most prolific liar to ever occupy the Oval Office.  The Tampa Bay Times fact checker, Politifact, maintians a regularly updated tally of Trump's veracity, or lack there of with associated links. Here.


The fact-checker has anointed Trumo Lie of the Year for consevutive years.

From a few weeks ago through today.

"It's Growing"

Let's take a run through a few cases of White House lying to the detriment to the nation.
From another angle, it looks even worse.

Democratic Strategist, Keith Boykin posted the following on his Twitter page. 
 A bit more...... 
The son-in-law is an issue who actially rivlas Trump as Manchurian Candidate of the decades. 
Along with our piece (incessant liar) theme here is another large lie from Trump's this week's support Roy Moore side eye visit to Florida.


Simply, not true. the U.S. Census shows black home owership peaking at 47.9% in 2004, before the housing crash. In 2017, black family home ownership is down to 42.7 percent.

Trump is a shame to humankind. The only way to deal with a person who is so consumed with lying as a first output of his memta processes, is to call him out with each and every lie. 

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