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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Trump's Terrible Weekend via CNN (Video)

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Trump And The Links

Do you recall the following carnival barking lies from candidate Trump?  As you view parts of the segment also notice the celebrity-worshiping screams and yells from his audience.

Now for a visit with NBC News's Trump vacation tracker.
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Is it possible the reality of the nation's laziest president leads to captured video like this?

And, this from CNN:

The visuals shouldn't actually surprise anyone. Within hours of signing what we call the Trump/Ryan Tax Heist, Trump was reported for this:

Trump's remarks to his wealthy cronies seem to be a reincarnation if Mitt Roney's 47% comments from the 2012 campaign. 

Trump Swats at Pesky Mueller (via former campaign official)

Mueller investigation and a former Trump cohort deployed the "state what you wish strategy" to convince sycophants of more Trump lies. Trump hasn't cast doubt on the veracity of the Mueller investigation, according to most credible polling authorities.
"..... the president has successfully cast doubt on the whole investigation."

The Trump talking heads comments seems to be false.

On another front, why does CNN pay Rick Santorum to sit wide-eyed on their air with asinine punditry?  antrum in the state of Iowa in the 20-9 GOP primaries.  Link. Yes, of course, Santorum said he did to say "black people" he said "BLAH" people. Well is it possible the Iowa audience knows of a group of stare denizens who identify as BLAH people

Watch and listen.

How much of a bait and switch is the AT& T decision (to issue small bonuses) when the corporation issues one time bonuses to its employees (variable costs)l while shedding pay and benefits of a large group of employees (fixed cost) via a reduction in force?

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