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Friday, December 22, 2017

US International Bully (Failed)

Image result for US sinking under trumpMany of us know a time in our lives when as a teenager we faced a bully. I doubt any of us realized there would come a time in the US government when the wishes of a bully would manifest across the globe. Well, it took place yesterday in one of the most disturbing acts of throwing national financial weight around (threats) was exhibited by Trump's Ambassador to the United Nations Assembly.
Amb. Nikki Haley issues stern warning at United Nations that U.S. "will remember" countries that vote to condemn Pres. Trump's Jerusalem move.
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The vote?

The U.N. General Assembly, 128 U.N. members voted in favor of a nonbinding resolution criticizing Trump's officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Nine nations voted against the resolution. Thirty-five nations abstained from the vote. 

These countries voted against the resolution:




Marshall Islands





The United States

At the risk of appearing a bit elitist, does the list show the US sits among great international company. Of course, 25 countries abstained from the vote. All suggests the US isn't fairly well internationally under the ill-fated and misguided leadership of Trump.

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