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Saturday, December 30, 2017

US Presidents Worst To First And The Electoral College

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US Presidents worst to first. CBS News.  Guess which US President sits in the worst slot?  You are correct!

I really do wonder if the crafters of the US Constitution intended to create a voting process which totally disregarded the popular vote. While, history has taught, the crafters most assuredly relished the thought of the moneyed class carrying more voting weight and clout, I do recall reports of an effort to equalize the influence of agrarian and non-agrarian states.

The Electoral College has wornout its usefulness as the nation has grown to over 130 million voters.  Yet, we find a clear case of a veritable nut case in the white House (backed buy socially and economically regressive Republicans) leading the nation due to an electoral victory. Trump lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes. Where is the consideration of 1776 Continental Congress without thoughts of the vote without cable TV producers and hosts as well as newspapers calling elections as if sitting through a football game? Ever more germane, when did the General Election process become a process which settles its matters before 2AM the wee hours morning after election day. Surely, from 1776 to some point in US history it took weeks if not months to settle on election wins and loses.

Former Department of Labor Secretary, Bill Clinton Administration, has a great suggestive review of the electoral process.

Food for thought?

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