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Monday, December 4, 2017

Utah Land For Sale (Soon)

Before I go on into this let, allow me to state there is not yet any concrete our public admission the reversal of Utah land policy will lead to environmental destruction and geological raping of the land. But, allow your mind to wonder a bit. Did you find any reason to believe the land won't end deeded to the Kochs and subject to the horrors of the Kochs and their ilk?

 Image result for utah landscape

Image result for utah landscape On December 28, 2016, soon to be former President Obama signed legislation to protect western regions in Utah against the chopping at the bit hands of Wichita would be oligarchs who earn billions from drilling for oil or excavating coal. Now, why would the nation's 45th president fly off today to Utah s announced enact a reversal of the legislation? While the question is rhetorical as we consider 45's wish to metaphorically (legislation et al) wipe Obama out US History, why open sacred and some of Earth's truly beautiful vistas and lands of Utah to land KILLING greedy oligarchs. Another rhetorical question.

Yes, the Koch's visited Mar-A-Lago shortly after 45 took office. Yes, the Koch undoubtedly provided millions to elect 45. The Kochs will surely purchase the land If the Chinese don't out bind them.

The Business Insider December 2016, If the other lands depicted in this piece are free of prospective oil drilling, well we may keep them as Earth's beauties and national treasure.

Bears Ears National Monument

Location: Utah
Size: 1.35 million acres
Date of proclamation: December 28, 2016
A sample of a Canadian Sand oil field.
Image result for canadian sand oil fields

While any and all questions posed by the writer (above) are rhetorical; with obvious answers, it is important to remind the nation of their election choice.  Especially despicable are those who elected Trump via their decision to not vote at all. The image above is not an oil field owned by the Koch brothers. Yet, Trump signing for opening the KXL Pipeline could lead to billions in land rights revenue for the Koch's.  Yes, they own land rights in Canada and KXL oil derivatives will come from Koch owned land.   
There is absolutely no reason to offer the Utah lands for sale without considerations of the greediest of Americans and international industrialist. 

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