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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CNN's Dana Bash OfferedTrump Feed For Self Love

YOUR 45TH President 
Yesterday in response to a recently published book which questioned his competency and mental state, Trump hosted a meeting with congressional representatives. The 55-minute meeting was obviously staged to offer Trump an opportunity to appear as a viable US President; it failed overall with an exception for certain ratings hawking TV personalities who made the mistake of saying "Trump had revived his presidency. "   

Of particular note (and linked above), CNN's Dana Bash showed her level of gullibility and surface thinking via falling for the camera opportunity. Moreover, the substance of Trump's interaction with the members of Congress was shifty, seemingly insincere and laced with Trump's typical lack of understanding matters of state.

It seems Trump used one of his three-bedroom television sets to follow the CNN post meeting talk.  Let's assume her heard 

Immigration Meeting

.  Knowing what you and I know of Trump, can you find it possible he would take Bash's effusive comments and fantasize "letters from TV hosts?"  I am now guessing if you are the US President there exist a process r system t receive US mail overnight.

Crooks & Liars

Trump Claims News Anchors Sent Him 'Letters Of Congratulations' On His Open Immigration Meeting

During a press briefing today, as Trump read off a prepared list of what he believes his incredible presidential accomplishments are, like he always does, Trump claimed he received letters of high praise from a lot of news anchors over yesterday's open immigration meeting. Trump said, "Yesterday, we had a bipartisan meeting with House members and…

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