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Saturday, January 20, 2018

One Year In US Shame: Trumpism 365 Days

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This is one of those times when we need not spend time (our time nor your time) on reading text.

Trump's one-year anniversary has beset the nation. He contributed to the current federal government shutdown and major city streets are lined with women marching via the Impeachment March. We have a former porn star revealing all, a fake business to cover shush money payments, resignations from the administration, a couple of firings, officials escorted out of the White House, GOP Cabinet appointments abusing their positions via use of US chartered aircraft, and a president so under investigation he is ordering former employees to not respond to congressional hearings questions.

Of it all, Another dynamic stands very tall. Trump is a pathological liar who has told more documented lies during his first year and than US President.

CBS News

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