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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Oprah Winfrey For President (Conservatives Go Mad)

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There is a bit of ridiculous in what follows as it all relates to the "hope not" prospect of an entertainer and business person possibly running for the White House in 2020. We have had more than enough of US reality show politics. 

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The blossoming talk of Oprah Winfrey as a possible presidential candidate simply isn't appealing for many reasons. The least of which is the potential for further diminution of the US Presidency to the realm of a joke and place of aspiration for certain entertainers with mega egos. While we have concerns with Winfrey as a potential presidential candidate, we find the reaction from some of the far-Right utter appalling.

Alex Jones, a Trump supporting maniac, responded to the prospect of Oprah Winfrey as a presidential candidate. His response was nothing shy of an audience appealing guttural racist diatribe. 

If you think what you just watched was disgusting, make room for more. If you did not find the Alex Jones segment repulsive two considerations should ensue. First, you will not in any way find what follows less disgusting. More important, if you did not find the Jones segment abhorrent, you really should exercise your medical coverage with an appointment with a psychiatrist. One more "if".  If you are a candidate for the psychiatrist appointment, you should probably make the appointment soon, your choice of US President seems headed towards a similar appointment.

There is more for conservative America.

Media Matters

Gavin McInnes calls Oprah a "slut" with a "ghetto mentality" who "was turning tricks" before becoming rich

McInnes: Oprah "She was turning tricks, she was basically a prostitute and that’s still in her DNA"


The attack on the prospect of Oprah Winfrey as a candidate for office also has generated a few strange manifestations. 

Be aware of efforts for some entities in the Trump world of deceit, sycophancy, and moving the nation to the gutter have interest in securing details about the secretive Mueller Grand Jury.  What would be better in discrediting the Grand Jury while possibly facilitating a more public picture of the Grand Jury ad racists rants which seem to appeal to the Right?

How best to work as a cloaked mole perping dirty tricks; do it yourself.

This Think Progress piece is a must read: Trump as the suspect? 

When do you think the GOP and many of its supporters (US conservatives) are so tolerant of over racism?  

We will not assert that all conservatives are racists. We do assert US racists sees comfortable denizens of GOP politics and policy.

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