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Monday, January 15, 2018

Quick Hit: Trump Surrogate On-Camera Slaying ("On Pause")

Image result for Stephanie HamillTrump (seemingly new) surrogate, Stephanie Hamill, appeared on MSNBC's AMJoy with Joy-Ann Reid and two panelists. The surrogate was equipped with typical Fox News and Alex Jones-like conspiracy theories and guttural false assertions; she ran up against the one MSNBC host who will not allow open spewing of Trumpism garbage.

We have posted a portion of the full six-minute segment.

Here is a link to the full six-minute segment. 

As I sought to determine a few points regarding Hamill, I ran across her position on OAN's The Daily Ledger. If you think Fox News is a disgusting example of conservative entertainment, avail yourself to OAN for a few minutes.

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