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Friday, January 12, 2018

Shithole Countries Part III: "Why Not More Immigrants From Norway?" (VIDEO)

Let's start with a CNN Segment including one of Trump's top "Negro" rationalizers.

Erin Burnett slows the trump talking point: "Oh, it was an economic comment." I am not espousing watching the full segment, though I found it most interesting (and in a couple of corners shameful).

The Raw Story published a CNN Segment with a remote camera panel member who formally worked in US INTEL. Phil Mudd was over the top upset with Trump's remarks. (Watch at the 4: 57-minute mark)

Speaking of immigrants from black nations. Do you recall the major apartment fire in New York City which claimed the lives of 12 people? One of the dead was a 28-year-old US soldier who entered the building and re-entered the building all the while saving lives. He eventually succumbed to the flames and lost his life. A life which had roots in Ghana.

Watch a CNN Host come to tears as the segment come to closure.

"Immigrants from countries other than Norway? "Put me down for more immigrants for Europe." From a President of the United States.

How about the general theme over on Fox News?

Jesse Waters entertained the Fox News bigots like this:

Tucker Carlson's Fox Newsism.

Oh there is ore form Fox News (48 seconds)

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