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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Daily GOP Ignominious: CNN Loves To Visit With Trump Voters, "Me Too"

Quick Hit: Some of the panels made excuses for Trump's vulgarity while others regret their vote. My concern is the psyche and judgment of the panelist who now regrets their votes. The rationalizing sycophants are nothing shy of examples of the level to which conservative America has devolved into a social cesspool.

"He's a man!"  

Well, so am I and I have never gone so gutter with disrespect for woman via physical abuse. Oh, alas I am not famous so I can not do whatever I want.

While not a panelist, it is worthwhile to also visit with what some consider a national evangelical figure ad his fumbling and stumbling take on Trump's sleaze.

Before the linked video, I remind of Trump history of severe veracity deficiency syndrome.

Watch Franklin Grahna stumble through an interview with CNN's Don Lemon. Graham frequently resorted to "He said he didn't do it."  I suggest viewing the two images above and then watch the videos.

And, Graham is supposed to be a man of the cloth.

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