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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trump Defends The Indefensible (Fire & Fury)

His Indefensible Mental State

Image result for fire and fury quoteMichael Wolff's book, Fire & Fury, released on Friday, Dec. 5, has hit the world like a giant tsunami. The book has shaken Trump and his White House to the core and led to a very rare press conference.

While having a weekend at Camp David, minus his Attorney General (what up with that), Trump has resorted to the most unusual behavior of availing himself to the media. As you watch the full presser notice in the opening seconds the demeanor of members of Congressional leaders who don't seem in any way excited about taking the stage.

We know that Trump lies well over 85% of the time according to POLITIFACT. Other Fact-checkers also have archived annual upon annual of Trump's various shades of untruth.  His lying has tragically become an accepted norm and places the nation's 45th President squarely in the same coup with Chicken Little and his falling sky.  Can we as a people believe anything that comes from Trump's mouth?  I posit the answer is an unequivocal: "no."

As you watch the video you will also experience Trump claims for personal achievement manifest in the current US economy, you will notice rambling inane comments about Fire & Fury, and yes, you will be exposed to a comment from the Draconian speaker of the US House of Representatives. You will also be exposed to pure malarkey from Senate Majority Leader McConnell as he spoke false hope about "bipartisanship."  Do you recall in case of such as Mcconnell worked to make Barack Obama a one-term president?

Another critical point in the presser was his seeming suggestion of stifling Constitutional Freedoms of Speech. 

If you do not recognize Trump as a potential forebear of US totalitarianism with fissures on common nation killing Fascism, you are probably a Trump supporter. 

How about a couple of linked articles regarding the book?

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