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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Another Swamp Critten, Gone ("Drain the Swamp")

White House Official Porter Out: Physical abuser.

"I hire the best people" ~ Donald J. Trump

As you consider what follows, know one thing for certain; someone in the White House staff knew of Porter's physical abuse against women.  Simply put, the thought that no one knew based in ineptitude (a common trait in Trump's world) is as farcical as Trump's desire to honor our nation with a multi-million dollar DC military parade.

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Bu, bu, bu, but the faces don't match the reality of the draining. The drained flushes seem to have more MAGA caps on their heads.

The Swamp also Includes current non-administration "presstitutes" who garners a right-wing talking head paycheck from CNN. Linked Vanity Fair.

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