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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Trump/Manfort Swamp Thing Falls To The US Legal System

Image result for der zwaanThe Trump swamp continues to drain. During the 2016 campaign, Trump rallied crowds with rhetoric about draining the swamp. It turns out (as is consistently the case with Trump) the swamp would be filled via his post-election transition team. Trump's swamp started to drain almost immediately upon taking office when then acting director of the DOJ visited Trump to alert him of Mike Flynn as a vulnerable agent of a foreign nation. 

The swamp plug hasn't stopped the drain yet.

Yet another career ruined via association with an international loser: Trump. It is impossible to wonder if Der Zwann will lose his law license and his opportunity to work as a lawyer. His marriage to the daughter of one of Russia's highest level oligarchs, in my mind, places the lying lawyer in the category of "not caring about the guy", but the shame of association with Trump never ends.

While not directly related to the Trump Administration, Der Zwaan is yet another indication of the growing number of Trumpets who are under legal scrutiny (ethical issues).

Der Zwaan legal documents via Lawfare dot com.

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Again that old adage:

If you wallow with a Pig, the pig loves you.  You have wallowed in his pen...... and NOW YOU STINK.

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