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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

CPAC: An Annual Conservative Oozfest Which Never Fails (VIDEO)

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From 2009 - 2011 Michael Steele served as the Republican National Committee Chair. Yes, his service coincided with the inauguration of Barack Obama as the nation's 44th President. And yes, I wrote incessantly about Steele's election to the RNC Chair position based on the election of the first African-American elected to the Oval Office. His appointment certainly seemed a knee-jerk strategy to Obama's election, without question. A reality which fails to induce surprise out of the GOP/RNC.

The past is the past. Barack Obama is no longer President of the United States. Michelle Steele was unceremoniously removed as Chair of the RNC. And, time has moved on. Time has moved on for all but American conservatives who seem to cling to the pat more often than allow their brains to come forth from more regressive periods in US History.  Regressive ideology and paradigms which facilitate tickling the oozier of conservatives while attending the annual RNC oozfest (AKA CPAC). Michael Steele as an African-American apparently exists as fodder for CPAC feed to ravishing bigots and racist who gobbled up the current RNC Communication Director's feeding like slop for a pig pen. 

Before we move to the director throwing Michael Steele completely under the bus, let's get another peep or two from CPAC.

Segment One

Dana Loesch NRA spokesperson (Crying White Women)

Segment Two

NRA Head LaPierre (Good Gun with A Gun...)

Mere days before the relation four Parkland Florida Police failed to enter a building while the Parkland mass killing enacted his evil killing spree. We should assume those four cops were "good guys."

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From examples of shame, social insanity, and conservative regressivism to yet another form of feed for CPAC attendees (AKA American Conservatives).

CPAC's Comms Director Ian Walters
"We elected Mike Steele to be the RNC chair because he's a black guy; that was the wrong thing to do."
Regardless of our perception of Steele as a two year RNC Chair, how crass and disgusting to simply throw the conservative out as fodder for a seething crowd of whacked-out younger conservatives?

For the full story, we offer this link to a New York Times piece.

Michael Steele's response to an apology from the head of CPAC Matt Schlapp. Linked here.

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