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Thursday, February 22, 2018

CPAC: Did She Say "Crying White Women"? Did The CPAC Crowd Chant Lock Her Up." (VIDEO)

 Do you want to see and hear a reminder of the heart of my core hatred of American conservatism?  Dana Loesch at the racist oozfest called CPAC.


The CPAC reference relates to the Parkland murders and Loesch deflection to the media instead of heartfelt concern for the victims and the families of the victims.
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Also at CPAC Ben Shapiro excited the crowd on a day when special Counsel Mueller unsealed additional charges against Trumps Campaign Chair. During a week when an attorney working for an English firm pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. And, as we look back of Trump's National Security Adviser who literally worked as a foreign against, and lied to the FBI.  He whipped-up the crowd as such.
“Most of all, President Trump brought us one really fantastic thing. Hillary Clinton is not and will never be President of the United States,” Shapiro said. 
The crowd then erupted into cheers of “Lock her up!”

If you have forgotten let's give Flynn another run here on the TPI.  Listen carefully to every worked ..... and then think a bit.

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