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Monday, February 12, 2018

GOP Candidate Suspended From Twitter (What Else? Racism)

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Megan Merkle

Image result for Paul Nehlen racist twitter post

On Monday Twitter suspended the account of yet another US conservative candidate for a GOP seat in the US House of representatives. Paul Nehlen, Wisconsin (R) joins an increasing number of Republicans who blatantly appeal to the more deplorable members of his party via feeding them racist remarks, anti-Semite remarks and associated GOP bigotry.

Nehlen is reported to have waited out previous Twitter suspensions but it seems winning in Wisconsin is more critical than a Twitter ban. 

His latest splash of racist feed to his followers centered on the coming marriage of Britain's Prince Harry to a mixed race American actress. The campaigning racist used a scientific workup of a famous ancient Englishman: Cheddar Man. Prince Harry's fiance, Meghan Markle, was shown standing with her future husband with a superimposed image of Cheddar Man covering her face. For 10,000 years Brits assumed Cheddar Man was light-skinned and fit comfortably in the minds of many in the island nation.

Oh, the temptation to titillate racist Americans was far too enticing for Nehen to pass.

Paul Nehlen's Twitter page

Nehlen joins other GOP candidates in appealing to their base and the vilest of US racist and anti-Semites while the GOP quietly absorbs the like welcoming hone children to promulgate its inner core values.  Earlier today we published a piece which includes a closing section about an anti-Semite Holocaust denier from the Great State of Illinois.  Linked here.

We do not suggest all US conservatives are racist while supporting the GOP, but we do observe that swamp creatures like Jones and Nehlen are not running for the US Congress in the Democrat Party.  

In this Era of Trump, racism is as popular among Republicans as tax cuts.

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