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Monday, February 12, 2018

Holocaust Denier; GOP Candidate

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Wedding bands that were removed from Holocaust victims prior to being executed, 1945.

Now let's move to your circa 2018 GOP and a candidate for office who denies the existential horror of the image above.  

Arthur Jones — a reputed Holocaust denier, white supremacist and anti-Semite on CNN last week.

Six minutes and 28 seconds of GOP horror. We really should remain resolute in the reality we do not find swamp critters like Jones running for office in the Democrat Party. 

Your GOP.

Earlier today we ended this piece here.

As I perused my social media pages I ran across another conservative America expose. This morning the Obamas accepted their portrait entries to the national archives. The Raw Story published a piece on the reaction from Fox News viewers. (Caution the link navigates to exhibitions of pure vulgarity and total anti-Obama insanity) Linked here.

Imagine one commenter actually called the Obamas "whores". An interesting twist with Trump and his wife in the White House. 

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