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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jill Stein: One Leg Of The Trump Triad

The following embed video runs for  8:21.   

As I have stated throughout my time on the Internet, HIVs (High Information Voters) take the time. They take the time and absorb information which helps with the educated decision-making. The opposite end of the spectrum the LIVs (Low Information Voters) will tune to Fox News, AM radio, and various right-wing press with no awareness of the extent of their gullibility nor the extent to which they are being used to advance a conservative agenda.  The eight-minute video relates to one of the vote drainers who helped to place Donald Trump in the White House. No, she didn't garner the number of votes as "pothead" Gary Johnson, but she drew votes nonetheless. 

Stein is firecracker hot about a thought she may have been used by Russia as another spoke in the wheel towards Trump's win. 

Stein and Mike Flynn at a Russia Today(RT) dinner with Putin.

 Image result for jill stein russia

And, she took cellies of the Russian President. While not validation of Russian influence in her campaign the optics really stinks.

When you wallow with PIG, the pig loves you. You have lowered yourself to its level and NOW YOU STINK.

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