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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Nunes Altered The Memo?

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Nunes avoids media
If you are of rational mind and have avoided the nascent love of Russia which has infested millions among US conservatives, what follows should be of concern.

Donald Trump's lies, dishonesty and a his total lack of veracity of all issues is filtering across the full scope of US politics. Ordinarily such infiltration (including an apparent love of Russia and Putin) wouldn't exist as a major concern. The concern with current affinity for Russia is personified when we consider the GOP has a firm hold on all three branches of US federal governance. 

Let's recognize that many conservatives, probably under guise of religious sojourns or trips, have visited Russia and in many cases more than once. Why I cannot understand, but I am not a conservative and what excites conservatives is probably abhorrent to me.

If the Crooks & Liars story which follows doesn't concern you, I have to wonder why you visit the #Progressive Influence.

BREAKING: Nunes Altered The Memo After Intel Committee Approved Transmittal To The White House

While Republicans huddle together in West Virginia and figure out which part of our democracy to destroy next, Rep. Adam Schiff is hard at work in the nation's capital, trying to save the remaining shreds for rebuilding at some point in the future. Today's news has been all about "The Memo," that piece of work which…

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